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The Weekly Buzz – Team Learning


We’re implementing new approaches to project management at Maestro. In the process, we’re discovering that how we collaborate really differs across different types of tasks—whether it is writing blogs, planning webinars, or delivering sales training and evaluating salespeople. At the same time, working together turns out to be so essential in every area of the business. We just never saw it quite so clearly laid out before. This week’s Buzz is a celebration of teams that work together and learn new things together.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Some people are great at doing their job but poor at effective collaboration. Others are great team members but turn out to lack some skill at team leadership. Maestro client Workzone has a thoughtful list of ways to build competencies in teamwork. The bottom line: it’s all about how you communicate.

Who Will Train the Trainers?

If you thought that sales trainers were TED talk–slinging hotshot loners who come in, deliver their spiel, and make for the hills, think again. Sales training today is all about working together. Sales trainers can learn from each other and even from their clients, and they know that trainee salespeople learn best when they have a strong partnership with their trainer. That’s why we’re so big on listening to calls! This post from Sales Hacker has the right ideas.

Let’s Do It Together

Industrial, organization, behavioral psychology: there’s a lot of business research out there that we keep track of. Sometimes, though, inspiring ideas come from yet another source! We’ve found that the idea of team-oriented, supportive learning is very popular today with education researchers: it’s called the Gradual Release of Responsibility Framework.

Want to see how the Gradual Release of Responsibility Framework plays out in Maestro trainings, role plays, and observations? Or were you just hoping for more pirate jokes? Let’s team up at