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The Weekly Buzz – The Holiday Spirit


Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! Here’s some food—food for thought, that is! Anything you learn about interacting and communicating with people in the workplace can also improve your life with friends and family, and vice versa. Don’t check your behavioral psychology at the door.

Communicate Carefully

When out of the office, it’s tempting to get things done fast and slack on your normal level of professionalism. Before you send some emails or texts to coworkers or clients in a post-turkey haze, be warned: spellcheck and autocorrect hate you. They seriously want to ruin your life. Re-read before you send and foil their evil plans. And remember to observe the same level of care talking to people at holiday events! Alexa doesn’t have a feature to autocorrect what you say to Aunt Dahlia yet, so thinking before you speak can avoid a lot of offense and misunderstanding.

Consider All the Senses

I thought about autocorrect when I read this article about a darts championship and it was talking about farts. In this case, it wasn’t an error: either by accident or intent, a darts competitor waged sensory psychological warfare on his competitor. Whether in competition, at home, or in the workplace, you can put people on edge or at their ease based on all the senses! Some people are sensitive to perfume, garlic, or crowd noises. Pretty much everyone hates farts. Try to make your encounters pleasant and inoffensive to the senses, whether you are meeting up with a client or a difficult aunt.

Dress to Impress

Relaxation isn’t restricted to vacation. Many offices have casual dress codes, and this time of year you might even get an ugly sweater party! Being comfortable definitely has its up sides. But if you want to win the family Charades tournament, be aware that some research suggests that dressing more formally can amp up your abstract thinking abilities.

Kick back! Relax! Share and retweet this post to show your boss you are thinking about serious businessy things! Then go enjoy some turkey and football.