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The Weekly Buzz – Time Crunch


Happy Easter! And Passover! But if you’re Greek Orthodox, well, you’ll have to wait until next week to celebrate. How to schedule the major religious holidays was one of the biggest conflicts in the early middle ages. Time and date are frankly confusing conventions, even today. From time zones to Daylight Savings to trying to get a meeting on a prospect’s calendar, keeping track of time is still a challenge.

Spare Change

If you scheduled transatlantic calls this March, you might have noticed that your calendar and your European contacts’ calendars didn’t match up as normal. That’s because the US changed to summer time early in the month, while the EU always changes on the last Sunday of March. The European Parliament supports stopping seasonal time changes by 2021, because of their negative effect on productivity and the logistical challenges they create. Each member nation is getting to choose which seasonal time to stay on in the future. Meanwhile, the US has no plans to stop switching seasonally. So look out for more scheduling issues!

Three Choices

Most of us don’t have any say in whether the government continues to have time changes. There are areas, though, where individuals can have some control over the clock. This ranges from learning the best days and times to call leads to giving your contacts a choice of call times. (Maestro recommends a marginally different approach from that link, but his argument for the general principle of offering three choices of times is really persuasive!) Seize that control when you can.

How Long Has This Been Going On

For calls with prospects, the time you ask for is deeply related to what you think they are likely to prefer – short and sweet, a small interruption to their time. How about internal meetings, though? How can you choose the right length of time to be productive and not simply torment everyone? The Economist recommends sharing the agenda in advance for maximum productivity no matter who you are meeting with. And Slack has some great scheduling, preparation, and etiquette guidelines for remote meetings that are pretty relevant for in-person meetings too.

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