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The Weekly Buzz: Time Management

There just aren’t enough hours in the day, are there? Until we master the science of time travel, the solutions to this problem are limited. Basically we can either sleep less (not a good idea for most people) or use our time more wisely and work smarter.

Day Cycles

Scientists haven’t brought us time travel, but they have brought us a better understanding of how the human body functions. Depending on your daily cycle of alertness, you can benefit from scheduling analytical, creative, and mundane tasks at different times. Here’s how scientific scheduling works out for salespeople.  

Get Help Gaining Time

I talked about productivity techniques and guides before. But there’s tons of tech tools available to help cut down on repetitive tasks, manage your to-do list, send reminders and more. I like the guide to productivity tools from PCMag: not only does it start out with some good advice about identifying your productivity goals, its lists also highlight some of my favorite tools, like Hootsuite, Asana, and Google Drive.

Use Each Moment Wisely

The Weekly Buzz originated out of Maestro’s “40/20” forum, where we share thought-provoking stuff we have come across during our weekly 20 hours of self-improvement and professional growth. Learning and improving your skills can help you to work better and faster. But 40/20 is a holistic concept: you will also work better if you take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Spend some of your 20 hours strengthening your whole person with exercise, meditation, or family time—whatever works for you.

How do you gain time? What traps make you waste it? Share in the comments or at