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The Weekly Buzz – Trust Fund


Last week the Buzz talked about uncertainty. The opposite of uncertainty is confidence or trust. Trust is about feeling certain that something will happen, and it takes a lot of the worry and failure out of business relationships. There are endless ways to build trust, but here are a few that popped up this week!

Trust Yourself

It’s hard to build trust with other people if you don’t have confidence in your own ability to fulfill expectations. You can build trust in yourself and in the product you are selling by role playing. Sales Hacker had a list recently of eight creative approaches to sales role plays. Role plays are also a great opportunity to understand the strengths of your coworkers and help each other to get better, which leads into the next key area for trust...

Trust Your Team

Sales organizations function much better when their teams take the time to build trust so everyone is working together for shared goals. But relationships between sales leaders and their sales reps aren’t always great. Sometimes it’s hard to diagnose exactly what’s wrong. That’s where the Reina Transactional Trust Model comes in. It breaks down trust into Contractual, Communication, and Competence trust to help people communicate with their coworkers about how to work together better.

Win Trust

A 2017 study revealed that buyers only trusted and respected 18% of the salespeople they interacted with. If you demonstrate that you care about the prospect’s needs, you have the opportunity to be in that elite group of trusted advisers. And don’t forget that the transactional trust-building skills that help you build relationships with your team will also serve you well with clients!

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