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The Weekly Buzz – Uncertainty


The biggest risk in sales is a lack of information. This principle informs our DRIVE sales acceleration system. What kinds of information gaps are businesses able to solve? And which areas of uncertainty do you simply have to deal with?

Asking Questions

Most information is easy enough to access if you simply ask the right questions in the right way. Ask open-ended questions and listen carefully to what your prospect has to say. David Hoffeld’s The Science of Selling outlines how you can use multiple layers of questions to go deep with a client and really understand their needs—while helping them understand how you can help.

Machine Learning

Sometimes the information you need is right under your nose. The trick is uncovering it from the huge masses of information your business is generating. When trained well, machine learning is helping sales organizations understand what they can expect to sell when, to whom. Big Data Made Simple recently got into some of the nitty-gritty details of how retailers can make sure they have the right data, formatted the right way.


No matter how good your questions or your machine learning algorithms, you can’t remove all the uncertainty. Maybe your clients will be impacted by cybercrime or a natural disaster. Maybe Brexit will destabilize the economy. These outliers are best planned for by having a flexible organization and innovative employees who are open to change. But some things are easy enough to predict that you should have a plan in place. How will an economic downturn impact your business and the ability of your customers to pay? This Forbes article recommends focusing on your strengths and honing your value proposition.

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