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The Weekly Buzz – Values, Part One


What is the most misunderstood word in the workplace? I would argue that it is “value.” Two “ values” are important in sales: the value your product or service can bring to a customer; and the ethical values that underpin how you do business. Both of these are just as important as they are hard to understand. This week, we’ll try to get clarity on ethical values, and next week turn to selling on value.

Why Values Matter

When people treat their customers and coworkers with respect, organizations thrive. An atmosphere of incivility, on the other hand, can drain productivity and talent. How can you build a culture of civility and strong ethics in your team? Google’s Re:Work site has some great starting points. For sales teams, setting reasonable performance goals can help encourage salespeople to act ethically.

Empathy Builds Relationships

If you understand how someone feels—whether they are a coworker, a client, or a prospect—you can engage with them better. Accomplishing empathy, though, demands top-notch listening skills. Maestro trainers teach a variety of practices that can help grow salespeople’s empathy: asking the right questions, really listening, and responding in ways that demonstrate attentiveness. When you have the tools to show the customer you care about their needs and not just about making money, profitable relationships follow.

Values Build Culture

Once you identify the ethical values that mean the most to your organization and your customers, you can build a strong and positive identity for your company. This is essential for hiring people who will stick around, thrive, and have great results for your team.

Ready to make positivity and listening core values of your sales team? Talk to Maestro at Next week, we’ll Buzz about the other “value” in sales.