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The Weekly Buzz - Video Best Practices


We’ve talked about the power of video in sales before. But after reading this week’s Field Test, involving technical difficulties on a videoconference, it seemed like a good time to review video best practices. Here’s what we found!

Look Sharp

Just like we covered with voicemail last week, there are some tried and true ways to improve how your message comes across on video. Audio quality is still important. So is smiling! But did you realize that recording the meeting can improve your eye contact? That’s because when you don’t need to take notes, you can keep your full focus on the camera.

Presentation Optimization

When you’re on a video sales meeting, people aren’t just looking at your face. Your sales deck also needs to be looking its best. Remember that people will be watching on their computer screen or even a phone, so you should keep the wording much more minimal than if you were projecting the slides in a conference room. Get to know your videoconferencing software so you can share files or take input from participants!

Practice Makes Perfect

Generally, people expect that older workers will have the most problems using videoconferencing. While younger workers do use video more than Boomers, it turns out that tech adoption is more evenly spread over generations than expected. So are anxieties about using tech. When it comes to video, presenters worry about technical difficulties, how people perceive them, and their public speaking skills. All of these concerns can be reduced with dedicated practice before an important call! Team up with a coworker to finesse your success on-screen.

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