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The Weekly Buzz - Voicemail


Have you tried “voice noting” with a prospective date? Apparently people have gotten tired of trying to get to know people just by texting. Since there isn’t always time to sync up for a real voice or video conversation, they record messages for one another. The bonus is there’s a lot more opportunity to prep and get your message right than in a phone call!

The same is true about voicemail in sales. It’s a great opportunity to connect in a prepared way and be sure you get your message across. But a lot of people don’t make the most of it. Here’s some tips we found to turn voicemails around!

Just the Facts

Voicemail is totally useless if it doesn’t make it possible for your prospect to return your call. This handy primer from the Chamber of Commerce outlines the basics for any successful voicemail, whether or not it is for a sales purpose.

Sound Like a Pro

Did you know that people can hear you smiling? This post focuses on how to make your company’s outgoing message sound as inviting as possible when people call you. But the rules are just as useful for any recording representing your business.

Pitching Coach

A sales voicemail should have some sales in it, right? Not just a smiling tone of voice and your clearly stated name and phone number? Well, looks like there’s some debate about that. This post from Sales Hacker gets into the details of how to test out how much detail to put in your voicemail.

Now go optimize your voicemails! Tell us what worked for you at

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