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The Weekly Buzz – Webinars


Webinars have been around for over twenty years, but their popularity has exploded recently. Video-conferencing technology keeps getting better and better, enabling more cool features and larger groups of participants. Maybe your organization already uses webinars or maybe you’re thinking about it. Maestro dived into the medium this year. We love it and can’t stop talking about webinars!

Choose the Right Content

The best webinars synthesize interesting content with a personal, engaging delivery. Think about conference sessions you’ve been to, or even college classes you’ve taken. Seminars and panels work best when there’s a small enough chunk of content to focus on without a hurry, and when it’s really well aligned with the interests of the audience. Reflect on what your target audience wants to hear from you and organize your thoughts accordingly.

Make It Pretty

You don’t even want to know how many hours Mike and Chris and the rest of our webinar team put into setting up the production space. Software functionality, display screens, cameras, microphones, lighting, attire—everything has to make the grade for a presentation experience that is pleasant and not a distraction from the real learning engagement that’s going on. Many online webinar prep checklists totally ignore these aspects, but some people get it. It’s essential professionalism, just like having a well-designed PowerPoint deck or typo-free sales enablement materials.

Putting the “We” in Webinar

What’s the difference between a webinar and an online talk, like a TED talk? Both can be archived and accessed online in the future. Both use the power of technology to exponentially increase the number of people a presenter can reach. But a webinar usually tries to be more sensitive to its audience’s desire to participate. Be sure to offer time for Q&A. Beyond that, think about how to avoid boredom. You don’t have quite as many tools to work with as if you were actually in the same room, but work with what you do have. Encourage feedback and call it out when it’s good. Change up the presentation with multiple panelists or add video clips. See what techniques work with your message!

Maestro’s next webinar is on sales meetings. Check it out to learn how to plan and manage meetings effectively—then tell us what you think about our webinar mojo!