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The Weekly Buzz – What Can Your Team Do?


If you’re a sales leader, you probably wonder whether your team is operating at peak performance or if improvement is possible. This week’s articles focus on figuring out the answer to that question!

Sales Capacity

Some salespeople are definitely more effective than others. Often, a major factor in how easily they attain quota is how long they have been with the organization. More experienced salespeople know your product better and aren’t still on a learning curve with their pitch. Dave Kellogg over at Kellblog has some interesting analytics for assessing how ramped up your salesforce is. It’s a great reminder of why it pays to keep your people happy and limit turnover.

Changing Skillsets

Things change, and the way you sell now is not the same as it was ten or even five years ago. There can be a downside to experience if longstanding employees are unwilling or unable to learn new skills. The good news, though, is that managers vastly underestimate workers’ willingness to learn new things. Most employees look at retraining in new skill sets as an investment in their career. So go out there and see what new things you can train your people to do!

Rowing Together

A friend of mine’s SaaS company finds that their customer support department is always overwhelmed at a certain predictable interval after a big enterprise sale goes through. The problem is, sales needs strong support and a good resultant customer experience to book strong, growing revenue! Joel York of Chaotic Flow has put together some equations to look at how powerful upselling and upgrades can be for ARR growth in SaaS businesses, as well as how key it is to reduce churn. It’s key to plan and grow capacity across your whole organization before making huge sales, rather than after delivering substandard service.

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