Maestro Group
We help you sell more, faster


We train your sales teams to be focused, effective and consistent

Our core engagements are based around our Phoenix Sales Transformation Method and are strategically focused to help you remove the organizational and emotional roadblocks limiting your sales growth.

Learning to connect and understanding how to sell

First, we identify and remove the limiting beliefs of your organization. We then train your people to connect emotionally with your customers and their "why." Finally, we arm your team with refined sales tools and empower them to ask the tough questions, create urgency and close more sales, faster. 


Transform your sales teams in 4 to 12 weeks

Our initial engagements last anywhere from 4 -12 weeks. We move quickly and with precision; immediately creating a positive impact for your organization. We identify limiting factors and deliver recommendations or trainings to get them out of the way. We take deep dives into your sales processes and behaviors, digital content, and sales enablement strategy and assist you in aligning all of those to create a faster sales cycle.   


Once our initial engagement is complete, we often uncover key areas where additional sales and marketing support is critical to help you move the needle in your sales goals. To help accelerate your growth, we offer support in areas such as content marketing, buyer persona development or competitive intelligence, to accelerate your growth.