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We Are Sales Accelerators

We are seasoned salespeople, technologists, designers, and wordsmiths.

It is our collective goal to teach salespeople how to sell more, faster. We do so though interactive engagement and relentless accountability.


+ Kenn Miller, Sales Operations and Training

Kenn has built up a skill set around sales, sales analytics, and sales operations. Previous to joining Maestro Group, Kenn managed the B2B sales/marketing technology stack and operational strategy at He led several initiatives, including creating and managing the outbound sales development process, automating billing systems, and developing sales processes within Salesforce in order to deliver clean and accurate forecast data.

Kenn graduated with a degree in biological sciences from the University of Chicago. He also completed a 12-week intensive web development course through General Assembly.

Outside of work, Kenn is an avid powerlifter and regularly competes in the USAPL and USPA powerlifting federations.


+ Kevin Sambat, Sales Training and Sales Leadership

With more than 12 years of experience in sales, Kevin’s role at Maestro Group is to help organizations and their sales staff sell more efficiently and effectively. Through a combination of following a proven sales process, thorough training, practice, accountability, and work ethic, Kevin believes anyone can become a more productive and successful salesperson.

Prior to joining Maestro Group, Kevin has worked for Fortune 500 organizations, high-growth technology companies, not-for-profit associations, and professional services firms. With experience successfully selling into the executive/leadership level at SMB (small and medium-sized businesses), Fortune 500/large enterprise, non-profit, healthcare, and local/state/federal government, Kevin brings a unique perspective and best practices applicable to almost any sales organization.

Kevin graduated with a BS in psychology from James Madison University and currently resides in Arlington, Virginia. Outside of work, Kevin spends much of his time performing music (vocals and guitar) in different projects throughout the Washington, D.C., area.


+ Keeley Schell, Writing and Editing

Keeley believes that the right words have the power to change the world. Her goal in writing and editing content is to ensure that clients’ ideas reach potential customers with exactly the effect intended. She specializes in communicating highly technical content to broader audiences.

Keeley taught for several years at Wheaton College (Massachusetts) before relocating to northwestern Vermont. There she was elected to the local school board, where she applies her writing and editing skills to the board’s public communications and policies.

Keeley grew up in Virginia. She attended the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and Duke University with a number of Maestro Group colleagues. She then earned a master’s degree from the University of Cambridge and a Ph.D. from Brown University.

Much of Keeley’s spare time is dedicated to her three young children and her spouse, Max, co-founder of a small software firm. Hobbies include running, Nordic skiing, and visiting the many awesome local breweries. She also loves reading and writing about ancient and medieval culture.


+ Chris Crellin, Sales Research and Sales Training

With over a decade of sales experience spanning multiple industries, Chris brings a wealth of research and training expertise to Maestro Group.

After serving in the military as a combat medic, Chris moved to the south of Spain for an extended 3 year hiatus, with the goal of expanding his cultural awareness. He also spent time traveling throughout Europe and Africa.

Upon returning to the United States, Chris worked for various organizations, selling into the C-suite across multiple industries and verticals. Prior clients include multiple Fortune 500 companies and large hospital systems. During this time, Chris soon realized that many companies offer insufficient sales training, and found himself assuming the role of helping others. So when the opportunity arose to join Maestro Group, Chris found it a perfect fit and was eager to join the team.

Outside of work, Chris can be found jogging through the nation’s capital, exploring a new art exhibit, or embarking upon a culinary adventure at a new restaurant. He also cooks, trying not to burn down his condo in the process.


+ Rachel Golden Smith, Content & Instruction

Rachel develops and edits content to reach its specific, intended audience. She has a knack for communicating ideas effectively and identifying comprehension and learning hurdles. Whether working on web content, social media, or instructional assessments, she will ensure that your content and delivery are as impactful as possible.

Rachel has worked extensively for state and local governments as well as non-profits creating curricula, website content, publications, social marketing materials, and educational programs. Her background in environmental education has prepared her to present complex ideas to diverse audiences.

Rachel graduated from Duke University cum laude with a bachelor’s in biology. She also holds a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point in natural resources with an emphasis on environmental education and interpretation.

When not working, Rachel is usually spending time with her family. She also enjoys hiking, reading, and being on her farm in the North Carolina mountains.


+ Robert Greene, Senior Sales Leadership Consultant & Trainer

Bob loves sales. Bob’s proven approach to sales leadership yields consistent and measurable results.

Bob’s industry experience includes consumer products, automotive, financial services, health care, risk & security, and commercial real estate. His clients have ranged from start-ups to fortune 500, both domestically and internationally.

A fun fact about Bob is that he is a former on-air guest host on the QVC Television Shopping Channel.

Bob is a graduate of Virginia Tech. He resides in Northern Virginia with his family. He is an active community volunteer, involved in Rotary and Scouting with his four sons. Bob also enjoys adventure travel with his wife, most recently hiking the El Yunque Tropical Rainforest in Puerto Rico and watching the sunrise from Mount Haleakala in Maui.

Bob looks forward to helping you take your business to the next level.


+ Michael Valade, Operations and Project Management

Mike is the behind-the-scenes coordinator between Maestro Group and its clients. He takes care of the many details that make things run smoothly for Maestro’s trainers and strategists.

Prior to joining Maestro, Mike ran a variety of retail stores—everything from consumer electronics to designer women’s fashion. He also has experience in development, testing, and training for a SaaS startup company.

Mike hails from upstate New York but now resides in Northern Virginia. You can often find him at a Washington Nationals game, spending time on the water with his dogs, or cooking. He makes a mean cheesecake!


+ Grace Porter, Content Strategy and Creation

Grace is here to write what clients need when they need it. Her passion is voice—she loves discovering or restructuring a brand’s voice into something fresh, relevant, and unique. Grace uses her background in SEO-compliant content and content strategy to help businesses build their web presence and improve site traffic through quality content and long-term plans for success.

Grace has been a freelance copywriter and editor for more than five years. She also spent a year as a content creator for a Fortune 500 bank and worked a stretch managing social media for a local government branch. She graduated from the University of Alabama where she earned a degree in English.

When she's not writing for work, she's writing for fun—a never-ending series of unfinished novel manuscripts. She also likes playing board games, running with her Airedale, and watching weird Netflix shows.


+ Will Fuentes, Sales Strategy and Training

Will is a co-founder of Maestro Group. He empowers sales teams to maximize their potential. Will focuses on teaching both hard and soft sales skills and identifies opportunities to improve sales efficiencies. His unique background and perspective guide his training principles, and he is motivated to help individuals and organizations sell more, faster.

Will has worked for some of the largest retailers, honing his skills as a salesperson, sales leader, and innovator. In 2011 he founded Lemur Retail, a first-of-its-kind, in-store, associate clienteling and assisted sales app. After Lemur, Will worked with various SaaS companies, consulting on sales and marketing.

Will is a graduate of Virginia Tech and The George Washington University Law School. Not finding the fulfillment he was looking for in law, Will transitioned to retail, a career move he assumed would be temporary. In retail, he quickly found success, excitement, opportunity, and the fulfillment he was looking for.

When he is not with a client or spending time with his family, Will is reading I/O and Behavioral Psychology books to get a better understanding of what impedes sales.