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How to Run an Effective Pipeline Meeting

Sell More, Faster: Webinar Series
January 11, 2019 at 12:15 pm EST


Learn how to accelerate your sales cycle by conducting effective pipeline meetings in 2019.

Does your organization hold sales pipeline meetings? Do you know if they are effective?

A pipeline meeting is a vital opportunity to engage with your employees and to help accelerate the sales cycle. But it’s not a tool most organizations use well. Pipeline meetings may be overlooked or too infrequent. They can be badly planned, bore the employees and waste time.

We are going to give you the tools to get you on the right path of (finally!) conducting pipeline meetings that close more deals, faster.

Our Senior Sales Operations Consultants have decades of experience within sales organizations. Tap into our knowledge as we share with you the Maestro way of conducting an effective pipeline meeting.

So, what exactly is this webinar going to go over?

  • How to plan and prepare for a pipeline meeting

  • Effective meeting formats and organization

  • Tips and tricks on how to create actionable commitments from your sales team in helping them close deals faster

  • Critical recommendations and best practices for evaluating your meeting effectiveness and implementing necessary changes

That sounds great! How do I join?

Once you register, we will send you a calendar invite to the online webinar which will be hosted on Zoom video conferencing. We encourage full participation, but please join for whatever portion of the meeting you are available. The webinar lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Post-webinar Freebie!!! After the webinar, we will be offering a free pipeline meeting observation, with feedback of course, with a member of our team. So stay until the end to find out how to take advantage of this opportunity!