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How To Get The Most Out Of Sales Role Plays
Tuesday March 12 (1:00 - 1:25 pm EST)


Does your sales team role play?

Are there situations in sales that you don’t look forward to? If you or your team members are human, the answer is probably yes. Salespeople face uncomfortable situations.

Sales professionals face their fears head on using deliberate practice. One essential tool for sales practice is the role play. Effective role plays allow salespeople to be comfortable even when facing the situations that challenge them most, because they know they are prepared. This confidence builds success.

When was the last time your sales team conducted role plays? Did you make them as helpful and as impactful as possible? Did they help your team grow and close more deals, faster?

Whether you are a seasoned role play veteran or new to the concept, Maestro Group can give you tools to accelerate your sales growth with role plays. Make your role play practice more effective by challenging your team to outdo themselves.

Our Senior Sales Operations Consultants have decades of experience within sales organizations. Tap into our knowledge as we share with you how WE conduct role plays.

So, what exactly is this webinar going to go over?

  • Why deliberate practice, in particular role playing, is incredibly important

  • How to set up the role play formats and scenarios

  • Best practices when conducting the role play itself

  • How to give effective feedback

  • Plus Maestro Pro-Tips!

That sounds great! How do I join?

Once you register, we will send you a calendar invite to the online webinar which will be hosted on Zoom video conferencing. We encourage full participation, but please join for whatever portion of the meeting you are available. The webinar lasts approximately 25 minutes.

Post-webinar Freebie!!! After the webinar, we will be offering a free role play assessment where we listen in on one that you conduct. So stay until the end to find out how to take advantage of this opportunity!