Maestro Group
We help you sell more, faster

why us?

We close the gap between lead and sale

We have a proprietary sales transformation method that  helps you eliminate the reasons why sales isn't selling and why customers aren't buying. By taking a holistic view of your sales team, we train, coach and mentor your team to eliminate these reasons through our proprietary Phoenix Sales Transformation Method. 

What sets us apart?

Systematic and results driven

Our proprietary sales transformation method is process driven and gets results.  

Tips and best practices

We teach the tips and best practices to ensure the continued success of your team.

Practical skills

Our roleplays and workshops teach your teams the practical skills needed to do excel at their daily jobs.

maestro sales training

What are your sales needs? 

Our sales training engagements are 4 to 12 weeks long depending on your sales needs and goals. Find our more about our Phoenix Sales Transformation Method

Setting up for sales success 

You've made some sales but need help putting a solid sales structure and process in place.

Growing pains 

You have a sales team in place that is a mix of new and old and you are struggling with consistent conversion and long sales cycle.

Advanced help

You are looking for the edge to accelerate sales, increase deal size and conversion.