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Will Fuentes

Sales expert. Leadership coach.

Will Fuentes is a co-founder of The Maestro Group. Today he serves as the Managing Partner with a focus on Sales and Marketing Alignment.  A strong counterpoint to Melina P.’s focus on Marketing and Sales Alignment.

Will has been selling since his first lawn mowing business that he started when he was 11 years old. A graduate of both Virginia Tech and The George Washington University Law School Will initially thought he would pursue a career in law. Not finding the fulfillment in law Will jumped to retail while he figured out what next. Quickly finding success, excitement, and opportunity Will made a full time commitment retail; much to his parents delight! 

Working for some of the largest retailers in various capacity Will honed his skills as a sales person, sales leader, and innovator. After a very successful career Will founded Lemur Retail. Lemur Retail was a first of its kind in-store associate clienteling and assisted sales app. After Lemur will worked with various SaaS companies consulting on sales and marketing. Will's unique background and perspective guide his training principles.

When will is not with a client or spending time with his family, he is reading I/O and Behavioral Psychology books to get a better understanding of what impedes sales.